The Glass Railing System

From simple to the most complex designs Our Prices Start at ONLY $89.00 Supplied & Installed


We love being involved with our customers and their projects. Aside from railings, we also supply/install privacy screens, columns & customized aluminum fence. We can customize our products to suit your property  where they will be installed. Also, our installers will give you a hassle-free production and installation experience. We also offer replacement services. 

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  We offer a variety of sleek and modern-looking designs. Our scenic topless glass railings allow for great panoramic views, making them a perfect option for cottage decks, lakeside restaurant patios, or for high-end commercial properties. 


With glass railings, you do not have to worry about rust, paint, water damage, or dents. All these railings require is an occasional cleaning, giving your property a luxurious look for almost no time or ongoing maintenance. 

Glass Railing


Amazing Visual Appeal

Glass railings offer a modern and elegant look to any deck, patio or porch. For most enthusiasts, glass railing is the one and only design to provide the most visual appeal. 

The majority of glass railings are made from 6mm or 10mm thick tempered glass. That means it is not very common to break under normal everyday use, that is what makes it a valuable feature to decking, patios and porches.


No More Obstructed Views

If your deck, patio or porch has some type of view, Glass Railing in Toronto is the only way to make sure that the view is unchanged.

Our glass railing system can be customized in 4 different ways, to fit your color and/or texture: 

  1. Bronze Tint (See Through) - Call For Pricing
  2. Grey Tint (See Through) - Call For Pricing
  3. Sand-Blasted (Privacy) - Call For Pricing
  4. Acid-Stained (Privacy) - Call For Pricing
  5. Frame-Less Glass Railing (See Through or Privacy) - Call For Pricing


Solid glass panels form a barrier all around your deck

Unlike other railings for decks, porches or patios glass forms a wind protected area while you entertain in windier conditions.  

Because glass appears elegant and slick, it is the only system in which other ornamental details can be incorporated without looking crowded and cluttered. 

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