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Frequently Asked Questions about Fence and Railings in Toronto

Why should I choose aluminum railing?

Low maintenance aluminum railing does not need to be painted every year unlike wrought iron and wood.   

Safety – From a structural point of view, aluminum railing will not rot or decay like wood, it won’t rust away in the critical joints like steel or wrought iron and it won’t crack in the cold like PVC. 

Esthetics- The designer of an aluminum railing system has a great deal of flexibility in the way he or she wants it to look.

Effect of Weather – UV rays of the sun will not affect the paint or structural integrity of aluminum, unlike wood, iron and PVC based products. 

What height will my railings be?

First floor railings are 36'' high and second storie and up the height required by law is 42''.

What is the color availability?

  1. Black, 
  2. White, 
  3. Commercial Brown, 
  4. Beige, 
  5. Khaki, 
  6. Bronze, 
  7. Gun Metal Grey (Pewter) 

About Us

Does A.R.T have a warranty?

Yes, at A.R.T we offer you lifetime limited warranty on all railing systems .  

Does A.R.T aluminum railing system is in accordance with the building code requirement?

Yes,  our railings are designed, engineered and tested to meet most building code requirements in Canada.

Where can I buy your railings, fences, columns & gates?

It is as easy as 1,2,3, give as a call, we come to your location for measurements , then we manufacture and install your railings. 

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